All the extras, our rewards and benefits

Shop, eat and drink on us

Our brand promise is To Stand Out, to be Unique and to be Fearlessly Stylish and we don’t just mean our customers.   Our generous staff discount and even more generous clothing allowance allows every employee to be exactly who they want to be and as we don’t have uniforms this is both in and out of work.   And we don’t just mean you, everyone is entitled to have on additional card so that either a spouse, partner or family member can get a discount too.

Stay well and recharge

Every day brings new challenges and every day we work together to meet them.  To do this we need to look after our employees and their families.  We do this by offering a number of family friendly policies including an opportunity to buy extra day’s holiday, childcare vouchers, a pension scheme and when you reach management life insurance and healthcare.

Get here in style

On your way to work you should be thinking about all the fabulous experiences you will be having or dreaming of the next brilliant project so we aim to make the commute as painless as possible.  Everyone is entitled to apply for an interest free loan for a season ticket loan to help cover any part of their journey into work including car parking.   If you prefer to use 2 wheels to get into work you can apply for a bicycle loan and enter into our cycle to work scheme giving significant savings on getting a bike.


Harvey Nichols Plus is a collection of providers who offer us fabulous discounts on a wide range of things from retail and leisure to health and wellbeing.

Each site has negotiated local discounts from amazing hotels, hairdressers, cafes and much more.