Our Promises to each other

Once part of the Harvey Nichols family we have promises that we make to each other to ensure that working for Harvey Nichols is a uniquely rewarding experience

Our Learning and Development team have created a whole range of training to help you skip up the career ladder and develop your skills.

Support to build a career in the industry

We continuously take risks from introducing cutting- edge designers to being the first luxury retailer to launch a loyalty app.  When people join Harvey Nichols they are surrounded by the very best talent in the industry and as a team we all inspire each other to challenge the norm.

Constant inspiration and challenge

We don’t mess about.  We say it as it is and we listen to what everyone has to say.

Honest and upfront communication

We love to celebrate and we need no excuses to celebrate the best people.   Our shout outs enable anyone in any location to nominate someone who has just been fabulous.   Each month we announce the winners for each location who get a cracking prize.

Celebrate fabulousness whenever we see it

We do everything as a team and that means we are more than colleagues.  We are a family.  Of course we have the usual social gatherings but more happens without any organising from a quick drink after work to a quick team trip down a zip wire….

Work and play together as one

Our Values

We put our values at the core of everything we do, not just when it’s convenient, but in a lasting and meaningful way