Pamela Hornby

What do you love about working at Harvey Nichols?

My life at Harvey Nichols is such great fun, albeit hectic at times! I have a lot of history here in the Beauty Bazaar. I started my life here the very day it opened, I actually helped put the shelves and wallpaper up 11 years ago the night before opening to the public.

Initially working as the Elemis Area Manager for Liverpool, I was soon taken in by the wonderful products on the La Mer counter next door, eventually landing a counter role to help build the La Mer business instore. My love for Harvey Nichols and these products was infectious, I was so proud to be behind the Crème de La Mer counter everyday here. I still go back and reminisce sometimes!


Tell us about your career so far?

I’ve worked all over the UK in different department stores, like Selfridges and Harrods for brands such as Dior and Guerlain. I’ve had such a gorgeous career so far and eventually found my current role that I’m really happy in.

I returned early this year to the store as the new Sales Manager, which I call my ‘big girl’ job! I’m now looking after my old counter along with many others, including the spa where I spent 7 years of my career in Liverpool. I’m so glad that I get to come here every day, and I love mentoring and coaching the staff here instore.


What is your proudest moment?

My proudest accomplishment is winning Employee of the Year for La Mer. I also went on to win Counter of Excellence for the entire Lauder Corporation, and was even flown out the New York in First Class. I was able to see the Estee Lauder clinics in production of so many products, from Tom Ford fragrances to Origins face masks. I even got to visit the laboratory where La Mer created the first pot of luxurious crème.


Tell us a random fact about yourself?

I’m currently on Netflix where I was filmed on ‘Come Dine with Me’! You’ll spot all the Beauty Bazaar bags in my flat, as I spent the entire budget on food and wine from Harvey Nichols to look posh!

Also, in 2017 the Beauty Bazaar sponsored me in a Liverpool version of Strictly Come Dancing, where I danced the samba for Harvey Nichols in the Crown Plaza for charity!