Ria Chauhan

Name and Job title: 

Ria Chauhan, Beauty Buying Manager.

Can you tell us a bit about your role and what it entails? 

I look after the beauty brands in Harvey Nichols and alongside the team make sure that we are always getting the most exciting brands and products for our customers. It’s a very varied role and the days can be anything from reviewing the new seasons launches right to discovering new brands. My role covers a huge product spectrum all the way from lipsticks to hair dryers.  

Please tell us about your career, from where you started to where you are today? 

I have worked in stores from the age of 16 so had a love for retail from a young age.

After graduating from university, I decided to go into finance and very quickly realised that it wasn’t for me so thought I would try something a little closer to what I enjoyed and applied for a graduate placement at a large retailer. I finally landed the role of buying administrator and worked my way up the buying ladder from there. It was interesting to learn how to manage small categories and then larger ones as the opportunities arose and eventually, I moved from Fashion over to Beauty.

A good few years later I was offered a role in the Middle East where my love of luxury beauty developed, I lived there for over11 years working at Harvey Nichols Dubai as well as some other large retailers such as A.S Watsons where I was responsible for launching the brand across the Middle East. I have always wanted to work Harvey Nichols in the UK and so when the right role came up, I had to apply! 

Can you tell us about any upcoming projects? 

We have just launched our first Beauty Box – its an exciting time as beauty boxes are so popular however, this one has a special Harvey Nichols edit handpicked from the Buying team and is perfect for the Summer months. We are also working on something very special for the run up to Christmas, watch this space!  

What’s your favourite part about working at HN? 

That we all get involved, it’s a small but mighty team and so we really work closely together. Its amazing to learn from everyone’s experiences and there’s a lot of knowledge so we all help each other. 

What are you most proud of workwise?  

I am very new in my role so think I still have a lot to achieve but I am very proud of having been able to represent the beauty industry in the Middle East and participate in championing change on subjects such as wellness and sustainability.  

What motivates and inspires you? 

Can I say I am motivated by my love for shopping?! I love to know what’s new, I love to see what emerging trends are coming through and what will trickle down into our industry and maybe change how we will see beauty in the future.  

Tell us a random fact about yourself? 

I was named after the main character in a British TV program called Butterflies.