Our Head Chef, Louise McCrimmon must have a head for heights as she recently cooked a meal suspended 100ft in the air above Bristol Harbourside!

Bristol In The Sky ran a series of pop-up food and drink events like no other. Guests were able to  enjoy meals and drinks around a huge table, big enough for seating 22 people but  suspended high in the air. 

Some of the city's best restaurants and cocktail bars took part, all transferring their menus and drinks to the unique sky table, where guests tucked in at a seriously high altitude. A guest chef, sommelier and waiting team served from the pop-up kitchen in the centre of the table in the sky.
Guests were securely fastened into their seats before the table was raised to the dining height of 100 feet, suspended by a huge crane, and then their gourmet experience began.

Not one for you if you suffer from vertigo