When Press and Marketing Officer Megan Backhouse is not dealing with safeguarding Harvey Nichols' public image, she finds herself working on her print and card line The Golden Files. A bespoke Golden Files design is now the go-to birthday card in the Harvey nichols Manchester store! We caught up with Megan to find out all about her foiled prints and cards.

Tell us about The Golden Files?
I created The Golden Files in July 2017 after always making bespoke gifts for my friends and family. It is mainly an Instagram account where I sell bespoke and personalised foiled prints and cards and just recently I have started to do invitations also. I love the simplicity of foiled prints and how effective the foiling looks. I create designs for all occasions - you name it and I put the “golden touch” to it.

How did you learn and develop your design and artistic skills? 
I have always been quite creative and I learned how to use InDesign at university, so I have just developed my skills myself really! Pinterest is obviously always a great place to find inspiration from too! I play around with different fonts and coloured foils to make a really lovely finish.

Tell us about the concept of your line, the price range and the style you adopt?
The concept is simple really, I like to create beautiful simple but elegant cards and prints. My cards start at £3 and then A4 prints from £6. Anything truly bespoke such as invitations etc is quoted, ranging from £3 upwards per invitation, depending on what is required. Last Christmas I created some cute gift tags for presents which really finished off the gift wrapping, making the present look extra special under the tree.

Where do you sell and to whom? 
I have a Facebook (@TheGoldenFiles) and Instagram account (@the_golden_files) where I promote all of my latest designs. I get a fair few repeated orders through here now which is great. Family and friends and especially my colleagues in Manchester also seem to love them a lot, which is great for me!

How does Harvey Nichols tie in with your hobby?
I always get orders from my colleagues in the offices, so if it’s your birthday you pretty much know where your card is coming from!

Can people make personalised requests?
Absolutely. They are the orders I like to do the most! I have done things from a Frozen Birthday card to a 90th Birthday card, personalised Baby prints, wedding invitations, wedding menus, table numbers and so much more. I can be contact via the channels at the bottom of this article.

What achievement are you proud of with regards to this hobby?
My brother’s wedding invitations. He is getting married in Mexico next year and wanted something which fitted with the theme. As he is a pilot too, I thought it would be fitting to do a passport / boarding card theme. Making them was a challenge, but it was so rewarding when I finished them! Everything was completely personalised and they really looked fabulous.

What advice do you have for others who are interested in launching their own line?
Go for it and see what happens. Nothing bad will come from trying.

Do you want to see Megan's designs or get something for yourself? Check out her Facebook and Instagram. 

Facebook (@TheGoldenFiles)
Instagram (@the_golden_files)