The F is for Finance and Fashion! In London a career in finance is often associated with banks and other financial institutions, but have you ever considered pursuing a finance career in the retail industry? Opting for a finance career in retail is particularly exciting and gives your job a unique, light-hearted and fearlessly stylish edge. We give you 7 reasons why you should consider a finance career in retail.

1. Pursuing a finance career in retail is fast-paced and will keep you on your toes. Whether we are analysing performance from one of our shopping parties to looking to refurbish one of our stores, the environment is dynamic, challenging and exciting.

2. At Harvey Nichols, you get the opportunity to work across departments and with different stores across the UK. This means working with colleagues not just in Finance but across the business. We’re all about team work and we support each other and every store with their finance queries, whether it’s looking at the financial viability of refurbishing a department to understanding our customer base. It’s not only about finance, but about learning how other departments work and how our stores operate.

3. Ultimately, your analysis makes a solid impact on what the fashion industry has on offer and what people end up wearing. Directors make decisions off the back of the information and analysis you provide and you thereby get to shape the fashion industry as you go! It’s fulfilling to support the growth and strategy of Harvey Nichols, improve the customer experience and drive the company forward.

4. In retail, the product is tangible. It’s not abstract and complex such as stocks and shares, but relatable, easy to understand and straightforward. You can see the money hanging in your closet!

5. Working in a retail business, you get to be part of a very creative and buzzing fashion-forward family that promises playful, fun and stylish times at work.

6. At many retailers and Harvey Nichols in particular, the finance team is relatively small, which means you get to work across different areas of finance learning lots along the way. It is very hands on, which is great when you have a team on your side who you can always ask for help.

7. Did we mention the discount? What is a finance career in retail without a great fashion discount? Time to sum, subtract and shop until you drop!


So what are you waiting for? Take a look at our finance opportunities here.