What are your stand out memories of the Harvey Nichols Edinburgh opening?

Kenny Robertson

“HN coming to Scotland was an event of huge interest and we were all caught up in the hype which really helped us navigate the tremendous amount of work that was needed to ensure we were open on schedule. This all culminated in the star studded opening by global star, Scottish actor Ewan McGregor and our Chairman Dickson Poon cutting the ribbon to open this ground breaking development in Edinburgh.”

Marc Henry

“The opening party lives long in my memory.  From serving Ewan McGregor a diet coke, to my manager at the time trying to chat up Jodie Kid! There was also a little skirmish between Goldie and Kate Moss which made the papers.  It was a very high profile event and I don’t think Edinburgh had seen anything quite like Harvey Nichols prior to that day.”

Your top highlight of your time spent in our Edinburgh store

Pam Craig

“There are many highlights for me – attending Oxford Summer School (twice!), visiting Kuwait for 10 days to help with the store opening, and being promoted to my current position. And another…..Serving Beyonce when we opened the store exclusively for the MTV awards.” 

Sally Rose

“All the opportunities it has given me, some of the highlights being attending Oxford Summer School, helping open the Kuwait store, and the opportunity to work in the many jobs and areas of the business I have worked in!”

Sue Stones

“Top highlight has been the people in Edinburgh, it’s the strength of the place and I love going back, seeing everyone and catching up, it’s definitely about the team.”