Giving back, one day for charity

This summer Russell Miles spent time at Glastonbury and we gave him additional leave to do so!

Russell Miles is a Supply Chain Manager in our Wine and Spirits team at Head Office.

This summer he spent four days as part of the Recycling Crew at the Glastonbury festival on behalf of the Bhopal Medical Appeal.

Russell was tasked with collecting litter for four days from 06:00am to 12:00pm.  It was the first time Russell had volunteered to clear the famous festival’s site but he wasn’t on his own, there were hundreds of people involved in Recycling and he joined the Pyramid Stage Crew which was approximately 100 people split into four teams. 

Russell still had to pay for his Glastonbury ticket however all the money went to his chosen charity rather than the festival organisers.

And it wasn’t a ‘rubbish’ way to experience the festival - Russell assured us it was great fun and that he’d do it all over again.

This is what our charity partner Macmillan has to say:

“Macmillan Cancer Support is proud to be working with Harvey Nichols.

Macmillan is there for people affected by cancer right from the moment they’re diagnosed,
through their treatment and beyond, providing medical, practical, financial and emotional support.

Together, through our partnership, we will raise funds to support Macmillan nursing hours and other professionals
across the UK. During that vital hour, a Macmillan nurse can help with money worries, treatment options or advice
on explaining a cancer diagnosis to a child. We couldn’t be more excited to be working with Harvey Nichols staff
across the UK. Here’s to a fabulous two years together!”